FFI cutouts & sector information from MAST

Create a Cutout

Make a cutout of a TESS FFI time series for a region of the sky.
You can download the entire set of FFI files from the TESS FFI Download Scripts Homepage.  Learn more about manipulating these files.
If you use TESSCut for your work, please cite Brasseur et al. 2019
Position Supply the central coordinates or Target name.
Position Resolved: Resolution Error: This position did not resolve. Please check form inputs.
Cutout Size Choose how large the final cutout image will be. A 20x20 pixel cutout is roughly 10Mb per sector.
Maximum cutout area is 10,000 pixels
(1 TESS pixel = ~ 21 arc seconds)
Cutout Size: Cutout Size Error:
Sectors Select the sector wanted for cutout.
Click refresh for the option to choose a sector.
Otherwise, all sectors will be selected.
Retrieved Sectors: Sector Error: Unable to retrieve sectors. Please check form inputs.
Cutout Created: Cutout Error:

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Sector Information

Determine which sectors are available from the TESS FFIs.

GET Request

JSON (application/json) Response
    "results": [
           "sectorName": "tess-s0002-4-3",
            "sector": "0002",
            "camera": "4",
            "ccd": "3"

API Docs Astroquery


Create a Target Pixel File cutout for a specific region of sky.

GET request

ZIP (application/zip) Response
Content-Type: application/zip
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=astrocut_102.7_-70.50_3x3px.zip

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